Who is Tiffany V?

She is known as The Woman That Knows and Protects

 Tiffany V, with the moniker “Your Favorite Travel Spy” works for Viageur.

She has been sighted by many though descriptions of vary depending on who you speak to.

Who is she protecting?

Here’s what we know…

She has been spotted in scenes where women, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and the LGTBQ+ community travelers have been targeted and effectively protected them.

She has also been seen whispering secret tips to travelers looking for help.

She’s also been seen helping others connect to an underground network called “VVIP.”

What is VVIP?

VVIP is a membership that allows travelers to take advantage of Tiffany V and Viageur’s connections and protection.

Certain members can hold a “Premium Pass.”

No initiation, no scale-up of points.

Premium Pass holders gain immediate access to all privileges, connections, and protection from VVIP Loyalty.

We have 1000 of these Premium Passes.

1000 1/1 images

Each pass has an image of Tiffany V either in action, protecting a city, or in a portrait. Every image different. 

Intelligence has already determined that the Premium Pass provides discounts to the Viageur platform and perks from their connections, with several more on the way. 

Only VVIP members will have first access to these Premium Passes before the public.

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