1. What is VVIP Loyalty?

Get ready to level up your travel experience with the VVIP Loyalty Program! Viageur is shaking things up by providing a revolutionary decentralized loyalty program that rewards users for becoming part of the community. From reviewing and referring to sharing safety feedback or interacting with other members, you’ll be showered in exclusive offers made available through Viageur and its partners. So put on your backpack and join us now โ€“ this adventure awaits!


2. What are the benefits of VVIP Loyalty?

Here are a few things we have planned:

  • Members who are Viageur users will have a lifetime discount based on the amount of VVIP held
  • Discounts and member access to partner perks
  • Governance votes to give direction on Viageur’s features, social good projects, and other initiatives
  • Exclusive access beyond any future users to new features for the Viageur app
  • Pre-sale access to Premium Passes and Point of Travel NFTs
  • Members also have the opportunity to receive randomized travel drops, which are prizes that range from hotel stays to flight tickets to private retreats.
  • Access to partner airdrops

3. How do I join VVIP Travel?

Become a VVIP and gain exclusive access through our Member Reservation. You can apply directly online at membership.viageur.io for immediate eligibility, plus the bonus of being one of the first to have your pick from Premium Passes when they become available soon – giving you all the best benefits without earning points. Keep an eye out for future announcements about this exciting way to join!


4. How do I earn points with VVIP Travel?

Join us in 2023 and gain access to unique rewards as a registered member. Earn points through submitting reviews, rating feedback from fellow travelers, or shopping the viageur.io marketplace – plus entice your friends by referring them for even more benefits. Donโ€™t miss out โ€“ reserve your spot today at membership.viageur.io!


5. How do I redeem points with VVIP Travel?

Our members will have exclusive access to a gateway holding exciting rewards from Viageur and our partners. Different redemption methods are noted in each partner section, so you can instantly get your hands on those hot offers.


6. What are some of the best ways to use my VVIP benefits?

With the Viageur platform, you have a world of options at your fingertips. Accumulate rewards to unlock bigger and better opportunities or redeem them right away – it’s totally up to you! The sky is truly the limit when taking advantage of our partners.


6. What happened to the VVIP tokens launched in 2022?

We have taken a bold step to revolutionize the web by introducing a decentralized travel system powered by tokens and NFTs. This refocused project is tailored towards those still dipping their toes into Web 2 & 3, with no plans of pursuing liquidity in sight, just giving users maximum utility! We will be issuing new tokens under this new plan.

If you bought tokens, you are fully entitled to a refund or use the purchase as a credit towards a Premium Pass.

If you bought a VVIP Pass (Bronze, Silver or Gold), you are entitled to receive a Premium Pass at no additional cost.


7. How do I contact the Viageur team?

You can contact us at community@viageur.io! Or feel free to hit us up on Telegram if you need immediate help.