In a trusted decentralized environment that provides information, rewards, and incentives across the board, the VVIP community will be the nexus and standard for merging travel and cryptocurrency.

Token Sale Begins In:

Almost There
Almost There

The Key to Everything Travel in Web 3.0

The VVIP token provides you access to a self-sufficient ecosystem that connects travelers, influencers, and business owners.

In a decentralized environment that provides everyone with information, rewards, and incentives, the VVIP community will be the nexus and the standard for merging web3 and travel that does social good and have equitable solutions.

For travelers, by maintaining their $VVIP membership status, they gain:

  • VVIP holders who are Viageur users will have a lifetime discount based on the amount of coin held
  • Discounts and member access to partner perks
  • Governance votes to give direction on Viageur’s features, social good projects and other initiatives
  • Bounties for Contributors to earn more $VVIP
  • Receive reward givebacks paid in $VVIP
  • Use of $VVIP for payments in Viageur and receive up to an additional 5% discount when paying in full with VVIP
  • Exclusive access beyond any future users to new features for the Viageur app
  • Discounts and member access to partner perks
  • Pre-sale access to Premium NFT and Point of Travel NFTs
  • Members also have the opportunity to receive randomized travel drops, which are prizes that range from hotel stays to flight tickets to private retreats.
  • Access to partner airdrops


  • 2021

  • Q4 2021

    MVP Private release
    ERC20 Contract for VVIP Token on Polygon
    VVIP Token Generation Event
  • 2022

  • Q1 2022

    MVP Open Release with over 13,000 available activities listings
    Development of COVID-19 Safety Feature
    Airdrop I for early supporters
  • Q2 2022

    COVID-19 Safety v.2
    Development of Schedule Optimization v. 1
    Development of Partnership Collective
    Pre-Sale I available
    ERC721 Contract for Premium NFTs
  • Q3 2022

    Premium NFT Sale I to VVIP holders
    Schedule Optimization v. 2
    Development of Verified Reviews v. 1
    Hire Key Development and Management Positions
  • Future Plans

    Airdrop II in association with Growth Actions
    Pre-Sale II in association with Growth Actions
    Premium NFT Sale II to VVIP holders
    Development of Viageur crypto wallet for login, payment, and KYC
    Development of Incentive program
    Exchange of VVIP token
    Proof of Travel NFT
    Matched Travel Gear Marketplace
    IRL Branded Events for Premium NFT Holders

Meet The Team

Kristina T. Liburd


Milosh Stankovikj

Full Stack Developer

Soumya Mohanty

ML Developer

Njoki Wambui

Chief of Staff

Dominique Thompson

Community Manager

Oliver Lazarevikj

UX/UI Designer

Annabella Zaklit

Project Manager