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Travelers Want to Know Your Stories

Every traveler wants to know how their community has experienced traveling to a specific destination. It’s why we research for hours, looking for answers to questions like:

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I wanna go to ______, but I heard it’s not great for [women, Black people, People of Color, LGBTQ+]. What do you think?

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If I go to _______, is it going to be a problem for me if…

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What are some tips to stay safe in ______?

Question Mark IllustrationI want some good food in _____. Where can I go?

Question Mark IllustrationI’m thinking about going to _____, How did you like it?

For every story, Earn travel points

If you write a review and tell us how many stars you would give the destination, you will get VVIP points.

VVIP Loyalty travel is a great way to get rewarded for your reviews, rating, and stories.

With VVIP, you can use your points to book travel, get travel discounts, and more with Viageur and the VVIP Partners.

Joining VVIP Loyalty is a great way to get the most out of sharing your stories and having others benefit from it.

Our travel partners are growing!

Each of these partners is offering perks for VVIP Loyalty members. And your VVIP points will go farther with each new partner we add.

VVIP partners are growing every day. With more partners comes more opportunities to earn VVIP points. And the more points you have, the bigger the discounts you can get on travel-related expenses.

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  • 2023

  • Q1 2023

    • Development of Android Mobile App
    • Development of Viageur Web App
    • Safety Shield Feature v. 1
    • Discounts and Referral v. 1
  • Q2 2023

    • Release of VVIP Partners Collective
    • Tiffany V Premium Pass NFT Sale
  • Future Plans

    • Development of Schedule Optimization v. 1
    • Development of Viageur crypto wallet for login, payment, data and KYC
    • GeoPoint of Travel Pass
    • Matched Travel Gear Marketplace
    • IRL Branded Events for Premium Pass Holders

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